How To Ollie

Rob Dunfey shows you how to ollie on a skateboard. He breaks it doen to two basic steps.

  • POP – STEP 1

    The pop lifts the front end of the skateboard. While the slide forward, lifts the back end of the skateboard. If you notice one side of your skateboard lower than the other then you need to make an adjustment in your power accordingly.

    Knowledge of step 1 and step 2 are very important, but it is power which will help get you the lift off of the ground. Make sure that when you pop you tap the board to the ground as hard as possible making a loud sound. The louder the sound of the pop, the higher the ollie.

    The ollie is the base root for all other skateboard tricks. In order to do almost anything else on a skateboard you will need to learn how to ollie. the ollie is necessary to learn how to grind, to get air on ramps, to go off of stairs, and to do tricks like the kickflip, heelflip, and 180.

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